Shaman dance

I travelled through the glowof your eyes,on our heightened lifewave.I took over allyour vibesthrough several cultures,in a city of a continentour wordson a third language levelon a timeless journey.You kissed the deviland took you on his mysteriousroads where in the smell of sweatyou danced till dawn.I was just watching at you, Throughon an inverted telescope. I saw him take possession of you, with tricks, because I know him.His slippery, slimy, deeppath,that will fly you awayinto a barbarian madness,with dazzling beams of lightin lasciviousness.Vainly.Now, you have to try itYou wanted it, so be it.Since then, my binocularsit’s broken.Kaleidoscope.I couldn’t identify your beingI don’t dare shake it,because the colors are getting deeper.
-Susanna Peremartoni-