On the train

We haven’t moved for ten minutes.

Vietato attraversare i binari

Do not cross the railway lines

I read the signs

Back and forth,

While the soft music

Of the melodious background noise

Explodes like a punch

In my face as the Frecciarossa train

Knocks me out at 200 mph

Of my torpid contemplation of the signs.

We’re finally leaving.

The trees and houses rushing by

Touch the back of my head.

Birds on wires.

We are accelerating like the World

I’m heading South,

Others sometimes paint the town red,

Swallowing dust in the depth of the plain.

An angry hunger rises,

The companion of wandering.

The Sun is kinder in the South,

—Day after day I feel at ease

Among people living, speaking in a craze,

Who never yawn, only talk

And live, and burn like church candles,

Their smoke engulfing the blue sky,

Fading away like reality