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The Great Path*

Bee hotel yawning between the holes glancing at open fields north wind blows snow eating our frozen fingers They’ll warm up by the nightfall a Chinook greets beyond the great river We speed up our steps under the hangover red clouds the summer is preening I could hear it in the wind and the bees move into their new home my grandfather smiles beyond the […]

Shaman dance

I travelled through the glowof your eyes,on our heightened lifewave.I took over allyour vibesthrough several cultures,in a city of a continentour wordson a third language levelon a timeless journey.You kissed the deviland took you on his mysteriousroads where in the smell of sweatyou danced till dawn.I was just watching at you, Throughon an inverted telescope. I saw him take possession of you, with tricks, because I know him.His slippery, slimy, deeppath,that will […]

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