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Dear Christmas

(In memory of Jack Kerouac) The wallet is flat now, how many things to spend on how many gifts! For me, every day is Christmas and all food is a pleasure. 10 grams of happiness, 20 grams of smile, 30 grams of love, always my festive meal. The system of trembling meat spins in the night, chasing the man. Fish, turkey, pork, somewhere a […]

In safe arbour

In memory of my father In the feathery blue of a fluffy could that somebody painted in the sky today, I smelled the fume of your tobacco pipe while veiled in lost sentiments. I sneaked out, away fromthe blue mirrorsof your eyes, just like an uninvited guest.But I kept a cloud for myself, a reflection […]

They are Marching

Cold, in a fog getting thicker, in a timelessness gnawed by hunger, they rest their muddy shoes, loaded with the cry of children. Their feet bask on the asphalt of a world thought to be a dream, waiting for awakening, among the naked walls of tribulations. They murmur prayers silently on a garland of  drops of their sweat. Nothing else but […]

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